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Experience the world renowned, one of a kind, energy infused Daf Yomi Shiur.

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A Daf Yomi Shiur Like No Other

Lakewood Daf Yomi is a one of a kind, energy infused Daf Yomi Shiur. Packed with a flavor of lumdus, halacha lamaseh, machshava, hashkafa, general yedios, and the exclusive #TheRestOfTheStory related to the sugya.

Feature 01

One Hour

Engaging commentaries and Halacha Lamaseh, all delivered in under an hour

Feature 02


Bring the Daf home with the exclusive #TheRestOfTheStory in each shiur

Feature 03

REID Bites

1-20 minute clips from the Daf Yomi shiurim by Sruly Bornstein

Feature 04


Shiurim have hashtags related to Daf content for easy searching and discovery


Started shortly after the 13th Siyum Hashas (2012) with 3 guys learning together in the High Street community of Lakewood.

It quickly became a Shiur, which has since evolved to a strong Chabura of many thousands of members collectively via the website, podcast and the apps and multiple or channels, as well as a large in-person and live attendance via zoom. Hosted at the dedicated Shiur room with tiered tables and chairs, at the newly built Torah Links Center in Lakewood.

Mobile Apps

At the end of 2015 the Apple and Android Apps were launched exclusively for The Lakewood Daf Yomi chaburahs recordings.

With listeners in more than Thirteen countries worldwide, the app with the recordings, daf images by Vagshal, and offline functionality, making it easy to stay up-to-date in Daf Yomi anywhere in the world.

REID Bites

Reid Bites are exclusively available at Lakewood Daf Yomi.

Reid Bites are uniquely selected 1-20 minute long audio clips of the Reid (commentaries) spoken out within the shiur.

These can be selected by title, or randomly with the “How Much Time Do You Have?” feature. We hope you enjoy the Reid Bites!


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  • About the Maagid shiur?

    The shiur is given by Sruly Bornstein, of Lakewood, NJ. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sruly attended Yeshiva Chasam Sofer, Torah Temima, Reb Avraham Yehoshua Soloveitchik’s Yeshivas Brisk in Yerushalayim, followed by Bais Medrash Govoha (BMG) in Lakewood.

  • When/what time is it given?

    Shiur is given on weekday mornings. Times vary and are posted daily via Email and the Chaburah Whatsapp chat. The Shabbos and Yom Tov dafim are given in advance or posted on the app/web from past cycle.

  • When does the shiur become available?

    The shiur is typically delivered a day in advance of the cycle, and available online and app within a couple hours after the delivery of the live shiur.

  • Where is it delivered?

    Shiur is delivered at the Torah Links Center 1301 Central Ave., Lakewood NJ. Most shiurim are delivered in-person and via Zoom, while others are recorded offline and posted on the app and other channels.

  • Why are there no shiurim for certain dafim?

    In the 13th cycle, the dafim on Shabbos and Yom Tov shiurim were not delivered. In the in the later mesechtas, they have been substituted with shiurim from others.

  • Can I listen to the shiur by phone?

    Yes. The dedicated Lakewood Daf Yomi Hotline (906) Daf-Yomi (323-9664) and Kol Haloshon (recordings): +1 (718) 521-5231 *7-7026

    Note: The Live Audio is available via the Zoom call-in. To gain access, please subscribe to whatsapp or Zoom notification emails

    Times are posted daily via Email and the Chaburah Whatsapp chat.

  • How can I access the shiurim?

    Access the shiur Live, Zoom,, iOS & Android app, Podcast, 906-Daf-Yomi, WhatsApp,, TorahAnytime, Spotify, Lakewood’s 107.9 at 6am/Kol Berama Radio at 6am, Kol Haloshon, NakiRadio & AllDaf.

    Since covid, the silver lining has been the shiur quickly pivoting to Zoom. Well over one hundred attendees log in daily from around the world. The shiur begins with the Pre-Game and Post-Game discussions. Members Join from around the world.

    Enter Adam Moisa of Moisa Consulting in 2019, and the all-new online daf learning experience was introduced.

    In the later part of 2020, the app functionality was raised 10x. New functionality, enabling ‘Just The Daf’ (for those with limited time) and indexing of shiurim topics and Reid Bites. The library now has thousands of more Reid Bites categorized and cross-indexed website.